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On this page, you will find a short description of the toy example for the paper and several URN diagrams (GRL graphs and UCMs).


The toy example is a telephone company who offers an online invitation service. A subscriber can send an invitation from a webpage on his phone to an invitee by specifying that person's phone number, a date and time, and a description. The invitee receives a sms with the invitation. When accessing the sms, a webpage with the invitation details and three options is displayed for the invitee:

  1. the invitee can accept the invitation
  2. the invitee can reject the invitation with a reason
  3. the invitee can phone the inviter
In the first two cases, the inviter receives a sms.

Goal Graphs

to be done...

Use Case Maps

Note that there are a two implicit loops which can be restructured into stubs if we decide to go ahead with this example. I've also ended the scenario at "talking" instead of "callEnded" for simplicity's sake.

Alternative A

  • root map:

  • UCM: sending an invitation

  • UCM: respond to an invitation

  • UCM: sms

  • UCM: call

Alternative B

  • move the browser to the phone and have multiple call servers
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