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There is a general consensus on the importance of good Requirements Engineering (RE) for achieving high quality software. The modeling and analysis of requirements have been the main challenges during the development of complex systems. Although semi-formal, scenario driven approaches have raised the awareness and use of requirement engineering techniques, mostly because of their intuitive representation. Scenarios are a well established approach to describe functional requirements, uncovering hidden requirements and trade-offs, as well as validating and verifying requirements.

The ability to perform quantitative analysis at the requirements level supports the detection of design errors during the early stages of a software development life cycle, and helps reduce the cost of later redesign activities. In order to achieve this goal, non-functional aspects and in particular time-related aspects have to be incorporated at the software requirement phase. This is essential in order to correctly model and analyze time dependent applications at early stages in system development.

The widespread interest in time modeling and analysis techniques provides the major motivation for our paper. The objective of the article is to provide readers with sufficient knowledge about existing timed scenario approaches to guide them in making informed decisions to when and how time aspects can be incorporated in their development process. In order to support this process, we present a comprehensive classification, evaluation and comparison of time-based scenario notations. In order to evaluate these existing notations, we introduce a set of eleven time-related criteria and apply them to categorize and compare forty seven scenario construction approaches.

-- Daniel Amyot - 05 Nov 2009


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Title An evaluation of timed scenario notations
Authors J. Hassine, J. Rilling, R. Dssouli
Type Journal
Conference/Journal Title Journal of Systems and Software
Volume/Number 83(2)
Publisher Elsevier
Month February
Year 2010
Pages 326-350
DOI 10.1016/j.jss.2009.09.014
Keywords Requirements engineering, functional, non-functional, model, analyze, timed scenarios, classification
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