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Goal-oriented languages have been used for years to model and reason about functional, non-functional, and legal requirements. It is however difficult to develop and maintain these models, especially when many models overlap with each other. This becomes an even bigger challenge when a single, generic model is used to capture a family of related goal models but different evaluations are required for each individual family member. In this work, we
use ITU-T’s Goal-oriented Requirement Language (GRL) and the jUCMNav tool to illustrate the problem and to formulate a solution that exploits the flexibility
of standard GRL. In addition, we report on our recent experience on the modeling of aerodrome regulations. We demonstrate the usefulness of specifying
families of goal models to address challenges associated with the maintenance of models used in the regulatory domain. We finally define and illustrate
a new tool-supported algorithm used to evaluate individual goal models that are members of the larger family model.

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Title An Approach to Specify and Analyze Goal Model Families
Authors Shamsaei, A., Amyot, D., Pourshahid, A., Braun, E., Yu, E., Mussbacher, G., Tawhid, R., and Cartwright, N
Type Conference
Conference/Journal Title 7th System Analysis and Modelling (SAM)
Volume/Number LNCS 7744
Editors Haugen, Ø., Reed, R., and Gotzhein, R.
Publisher Springer
Month October
Year 2012
Pages 34-52
DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-36757-1_3
Keywords Goal Modeling, Goal-oriented Requirement Language, Key Performance Indicator, Legal Compliance, Tools, URN, Variability
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