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Because early design decisions can have a major long-term impact on the performance of a system, early evaluation of the high-level architecture can be an important risk mitigation technique. This paper proposes a technique for predicting the volume of data that will flow across a network in a distributed system. The prediction is based upon anticipated execution of scenarios and can be applied at an extremely early stage of the design. It is driven by requirements specifications and captures dynamic metrics by defining typical usage patterns in terms of scenarios. Scenarios are then mapped to architectural components, and dataflow across inter-partition link is estimated. The feasibility of the approach is demonstrated through an experiment in which predicted metrics are compared to runtime measurements.

-- Daniel Amyot - 05 Jul 2010


Form For Virtual Library edit

Title Requirements-Based Dynamic Metrics In Object-Oriented Systems
Authors J. Cleland-Huang. C.K. Chang, H. Kim, A. Balakrishnan
Type Conference
Conference/Journal Title Fifth IEEE Int. Symp. on Requirements Engineering (RE'01)
Publisher IEEE CS
Month August
Year 2001
Pages 212-221
DOI 10.110910.1109/ISRE.2001.948561
Keywords Dynamic Metrics, distributed systems, usage pattern, Use Case Maps, UCM
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