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Testing represents one of the major concerns in nowadays system development, since it provides both confidence in the product and enriches the quality of the software itself. In particular, system level testing allows to verify and validate the adherence of the developed product to the expectations specified in the requirements. However, specifying system level test cases and ensure that all requirements have been covered appropriately is time consuming and expensive. This is due to the gap between requirements specifications, typically expressed in non-formal notations, and tests.

This thesis presents an investigation to close such a gap and provide automatic test case generation based on requirement specifications. Industrial constraints in general do not allow the introduction of radical changes in the established product development processes, therefore three progressive adoption steps are suggested. Each step is a refinement of the previous one, with the first step establishing a controlled natural language in requirement specification. The second one moving on specification of requirements as functions, and the third one taking advantage of model- based testing, creating a model of the system and after traversing it deriving test cases.

The concept has been partly applied to the industry with the help of Bombardier Transportation in Västerås. A controlled natural language has been developed and applied in the test specification within the company, which allowed the generation of test scripts with the help of a self-developed parser and test script editor. Moreover, a small internal case study has been conducted aiming at verify the feasibility of introducing a controlled natural language for requirements definition and its possible benefits. The results not only show a realistic step forward towards an automated system level testing approach, but also that the quality and understandability of the requirement specification can be gradually improved as a side effect of the automation effort.


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Title From Requirements Specification to Test Scripting: Towards Automated Support
Authors R. Gustavsson and D. Kostopoulos
Type Thesis
Conference/Journal Title Master Thesis in Computer Science with Specialization in Software Engineering
Publisher School of Innovation, Design and Engineering Mńlardalen University, Sweden
Month May
Year 2014
Pages 82
Keywords Test Scripting, Automation, DOORS, UML
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