The Goal-Oriented Requirement Language (GRL) is a new and evolving notation used to specify and analyze goals and requirements. In this project, we develop a software tool (also called GRL editor) that supports this language. The Generic Modeling Environment (GME) is a framework used to create domain-specific modeling environments, and thus can be the platform for developing our GRL Editor. This report gives a thorough discussion of GME functionalities and the feasibility of using it for creating a GRL editor.

The GRL meta-model is defined as a UML class diagram, and is implemented by a GME meta-model. The translation output of this meta-model is the GRL editor. The details of implementing this meta-model, along with the decision-making process are also part of this report.

Due to the need for a better visual representation of GRL with GME, a limited amount of COM programming was performed in this project. This report gives a brief introduction to this work, with a focus on laying out a framework for future development.

Besides developing the tool based on the current GRL definition, this report describes some considerations on other important factors such as the extensibility and maintainability of the tool when the meta-model for GRL evolves in the future. Comparisons are made to other tools that support or could support GRL model editing. Model evaluation and interpretation are also discussed briefly.

-- Daniel Amyot - 26 Mar 2008


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Title Tool support for the Goal-oriented Requirements Language
Authors Yi Chu
Type Thesis
Conference/Journal Title
Publisher SITE, University of Ottawa
Month August
Year 2005
Pages 63
Keywords GRL, GME, metamodelling, tool
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