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Because of complex relationships among SOA assets, it is hard to manage SOA asset. This paper presents a construction method for domain SOA assets repository based on Use Case Maps(UCM). It uses UCM to describe the domain demands, and translates the domain demands into the marks and the relationships among marks in the UCM model. The marks and the relationships in the UCM model are mapped to SOA assets, so that domain SOA asset repository is obtained. The method realizes effective SOA asset management and supports SOA assets reuse.

摘要:面向服务的体系架构(SOA)资产之间的复杂关系导致SOA 资产管理困难。为解决上述问题,提出一种基于UCM 的领域SOA 资
产库构建方法。该方法通过UCM 描述领域需求,将领域需求转化为UCM 模型中的标记及标记之间的关系,将UCM 模型中的标记及其之
间的关系映射到SOA 资产中,建立领域SOA 资产库,从而实现SOA 资产的有效管理,并支持SOA 资产复用。

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Title Domain SOA Asset Repository Construction Method Based on Use Case Maps (基于UCM 的领域SOA 资产库构建方法)
Authors T.-w. CHEN, Y.-h. YANG, and C.-c. GUAN (陈廷伟,杨艳辉,关长城)
Type Conference
Conference/Journal Title Computer Engineering (计算机工程)
Volume/Number 37(2)
Month January
Year 2011
Pages 48-51
DOI 10.3969/j.issn.1000-3428.2011.02.017
Keywords SOA asset reuse, SOA asset relationship, SOA asset repository, Use Case Maps (UCM), mapping rule
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