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Goal models and business process models are complementary artifacts for capturing the requirements and their execution flow in software engineering. Usually, goal models serve as input for designing business process models, and it requires mappings between both types of models. Due to the large number of possible configurations of elements from both goal models and business process models, developers struggle with the challenge of maintaining consistent configurations of both models and their mappings. Managing these mappings manually is error-prone. In our work, we propose an automated solution that relies on Description Logics and automated reasoners for validating mappings that describe the realization of goals by activities in business process models. The results are the identification of two inconsistency patterns – strong inconsistency and potential inconsistency, and the development of the corresponding algorithms for detecting inconsistencies.

-- Daniel Amyot - 16 Mar 2014


Form For Virtual Library edit

Title Validation of User Intentions in Process Models
Authors G. Gr÷ner, M. Asadi, B. Mohabbati, D. GaÜević, F. Silva Parreiras, and M. BoÜković
Type Conference
Conference/Journal Title 24th Int. Conf. on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAi SE? 2012)
Volume/Number LNCS 7328
Editors J. RalytÚ et al.
Publisher Springer
Month June
Year 2012
Pages 366-381
DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-31095-9_24
Keywords Requirements modeling, goal-oriented process engineering, inconsistency detection, Description Logic, GRL, BPMN

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