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Most organizations encounter business-IT alignment problems because they fail to properly understand how well an enterprise software package aligns with or fits their needs. Strategic consultants make a profit by reducing such external manifestations of the differences between the organization’s needs and the system’s capabilities. Therefore it appears relevant to understand how consultants behave. Our theoretical model shows how a consultancy can assess the way to extract and to generalize knowledge from its clients. The share of a consulting firm’s global knowledge is compensated with new local knowledge obtained from the client. Hence we underline a way to assess the quality of that contribution and the mutual knowledge exchange.

-- Daniel Amyot - 23 Jul 2011


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Form For Virtual Library edit

Title The Man behind the Curtain: Exploring the Role of IS Strategic Consultant
Authors R. Bonazzi, C. Ceccaroli and S. Missonier
Type Conference
Conference/Journal Title Workshop on BUSinness/IT ALignment and Interoperability (BUSITAL 2011)
Volume/Number LNBIP 83, Part I
Publisher Springer
Month June
Year 2011
Pages 57-68
DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-22056-2_7
Keywords IS Strategy, Strategic consultant, Business-IT alignment, ontological distance, design science, business model, knowledge-based theory, Organizational Knowledge Creation theory, UCM, GRL, jUCMNav
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