The purpose of the Requirements Definition and Analysis Language (RDAL) annex is to support the modeling and analysis of requirements, and the verification of these requirements by embedded real-time system designs. A standard practice in systems and software engineering is to separate the system architecture into problem and solution domains. Requirements Engineering (RE) is concerned with the definition of the problem domain, intending to say what the system to be developed should do, while system design deals with the solution domain, saying how the problem is to be solved. While AADL is good at formalizing the solution domain in terms of components and their interactions to constitute system architecture, no elements in the language is provided for formalizing the problem at a proper level of abstraction. Like for the solution domain, formalizing the problem with a dedicated formalism brings all benefits of model-driven engineering, such as being able to perform automated early analyses and verification of the problem specification. Being able to ensure that the problem is formulated correctly can save tremendous amounts of development effort. In this context, RDAL provides means to formalize the problem domain so that it can be understood by analysis tools to improve the quality (consistency, completeness, etc.) of the problem statement. In addition, means to trace system requirements to design element(s) responsible for meeting the requirement is provided, and means to formally verify that the requirements are met by evaluation of formal language expressions checking the design model structure and properties. RDAL also supports best requirements engineering practices described in various standards.


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Title SAE Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) Requirements Definition and Analysis Language (RDAL) Annex
Authors D. Blouin, S. Turki and E. Senn
Type Other
Conference/Journal Title Aerospace Standard
Month February
Year 2013
Pages 58
Keywords Requirements Engineering, Software Engineering, Requirements Definition and Analysis Language (RDAL), URN, UCM
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