Books and Book Chapters

Year Publication
2013 G. Mussbacher, D. Amyot, J. Whittle, Composing Goal and Scenario Models with the Aspect-oriented User Requirements Notation (AoURN) Based on Syntax and Semantics, Springer, 2013, 77-99 pages
2012 A. Pourshahid, L. Peyton, S. Ghanavati, D. Amyot, P. Chen, and M. Weiss, Model-Based Validation of Business Processes, Business Science Reference, IGI Global, 2012, 165-183 pages
2011 H. Becha, G. Mussbacher, D. Amyot, Modeling and Analyzing Non-Functional Requirements in Service Oriented Architecture with the User Requirements Notation, IGI Global, 2011, 48-72 pages
2009 K. Saleh and G. Elshahry, Modeling Security Requirements for Trustworthy Systems, IGI Global, 2009, 2657-2664 pages
2007 Mussbacher, G., Amyot, D., and Weiss, M., Formalizing Patterns with the User Requirements Notation, Idea Group Inc., 2007, 304-325 pages
2007 R. Matulevičius, P. Heymans, and A. L. Opdahl, Comparing GRL and KAOS using the UEML Approach, Springer London, 2007, 77-88 pages
2007 Anna Medve, Enterprise Modelling with the joint use of User Requirements Notation (URN) and UML, Idea Group Publishing, 2007, 314 pages
2007 M. Weiss and D. Amyot, Business Model Design and Evolution, World Scientific, 2007, pages
2006 P. Heymans, G. Saval, G. Dallons, and I. Pollet, Chapter VIII: A Template-Based Analysis of GRL, IGI Publishing, 2006, 124-147 pages
2006 M. Weiss and D. Amyot, Business Process Modeling with the User Requirements Notation, Cybertech Publishing, 2006, 162-193 pages
2002 T. Lethbridge and J. Singer, Studies of the Work Practices of Software Engineers, Springer-Verlag, 2002, 51 - 72 pages
2001 B. Moulin, On the Convergence of Analysis and Design Methods for Multi-agent, Component-based and Object-oriented Systems, IGI Global, 2001, 189-198 pages
2000 Lawrence Chung, Brian A. Nixon, Eric Yu, John Mylopoulos, Non-functional requirements in software engineering, Kluwer Academic (Springer), 2000, 472 pages
1999 R.J.A. Buhr, Understanding Macroscopic Behaviour Patterns in Object-Oriented Frameworks, with Use Case Maps (chapter 18), John Wiley & Sons, 1999, 415-440 pages
1998 R.J.A.Buhr and R.S.Casselman [同作者作品], 用于面向对象系统开发的使用实例图 (Use Case Maps for Object Oriented Systems), Prentice Hall/Pearson, 1998, 302 pages
1995 R.J.A. Buhr and R.S. Casselman, Use Case Maps for Object-Oriented Systems, Prentice Hall, 1995, 302 pages
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