Revised Metamodel

This new version of jUCMNav's metamodel, now called 0.19 (Feb. 14th, 2008), is available in Rose and HTML format from

NEW A follow-up to this is the Draft Z151 Metamodel (end of March 2008), which is no longer bound to jUCMNav and separates the abstract syntax metamodel from the concrete syntax metamodel.


The following modifications were done. This metamodel will then be pruned of graphical details and non-Z.111 elements and refactored to produce the URN abstract metamodel. Then, a metamodel for the concrete syntax will be based on the latter.


  • add composition between URNlinks and Metadata
  • add composition between URNspec and Metadata
  • change multiplicity for composition between URNmodelElement and Metadata at the URNmodelElement side to 0..1


  • remove 2 dangling generalizations to elements that no longer exist

  • add self-association to Actor (includedActors - includingActor)

  • extracted GRLLinkableElement superclass from IntentionalElement
  • add inheritance from GRLLinkableElement to GRLmodelElement
  • move Actor inheritance from GRLmodelElement to GRLLinkableElement
  • move IntentionalElement inheritance from GRLmodelElement to GRLLinkableElement
  • add CollapseActorRef class, with inheritance to GRLNode and association with Actor
  • move src and dest associations of ElementLink from IntentionalElement to GRLLinkableElement

GRL Evaluation

  • new attribute "qualitativeEvaluation" for Evaluation
  • add new enumeration class "QualitativeLabel" with attributes "Denied", "WeaklyDenied", "WeaklySatisfied", "Satisfied", "Conflict", "Unknown", "None"
  • add attribute "quantitativeContribution" to Contribution

  • add importance attribute to IntentionalElement
  • add importanceQuantitative attribute to IntentionalElement
  • add ImportanceType enumeration class
  • add ContributionContextGroup, ContributionContext, ContributionChange classes with their attributes and associations/composition/inheritance links


  • remove Abort
  • remove FailurePoint
  • remove Timestamp
  • remove Loop
  • add inheritance between Component and IURNContainer

  • add ComponentBinding with 2 associations to ComponentRef an one composition from Stub
  • add synchronization and blocking boolean attributes to Stub
  • add singleton boolean attribute to UCMmap
  • add replicationFactor int attribute to PluginBinding
  • add context boolean attribute to Component


  • remove DynamicResponsibility
  • remove DynamicRespKind
  • remove Pool
  • remove ComponentElement
  • push attributes from ComponentRegular down to Component
  • remove ComponentRegular
  • add composition between URNdefinition and Component
  • add inheritance between UCMmodelElement and Component
  • add self-association for included/including component to Component
  • remove self-association for ComponentType
  • add inheritance between UCMmodelElement and ComponentType
  • add composition between URNdefinition and ComponentType

  • add composition between Concern and Condition

  • add ConnectionLabel class
  • add composition between IURNConnection and ConnectionLabel

UCM Performance

  • remove enumeration classes: PerfValueSource, PerfValueKind, PerfAttribute
  • remove ResponseTimeReq
  • remove PerfValue
  • remove PerfMeasure
  • added Component (already existed)
  • added association between PassiveResource and Component
  • added association between ProcessingResource and Component



  • criticality and priority attributes in IntentionalElementRef
  • Criticality and Priority enumerations
  • author attribute in Belief


  • slot attribute in Component
  • anchored attribute in ComponentRef
  • transaction attribute in PluginBinding
  • shared attribute in stub
  • role attribute in ComponentRef

-- Daniel Amyot - 07 Feb 2008

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