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Foswiki's ProjetSEG web The ProjetSEG web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2021 by contributing authors Wiki Administrator [] The contributing authors of Foswiki Foswiki jUCMNav <span class="foswikiNewLink">Projet SEG<a href="/ucm/bin/edit/Home/ProjetSEG?topicparent=ProjetSEG.WebRss" rel="nofollow" title="Create this topic">?</a></span> GoalProcessConsistency Goal/Process Consistency and Alignment Analysis Project The URN standard does not provide means of checking consistency between the GRL and UCM views of a model, leading ... (last changed by DanielAmyot) 2021-03-13T19:32:04Z damyot DevDocPublishNewVersion Publishing a New Version The following steps should be done on your project folders. Follow the steps in the order shown on this page. You may search for the bold ... (last changed by DanielAmyot) 2017-03-28T17:59:28Z damyot LegalModelImport Legal Model Import DanielAmyot 14 Feb 2017 (last changed by DanielAmyot) 2017-02-14T19:31:04Z damyot WebHome jUCMNav: Juice up your modelling! jUCMNav v7.0.0 Release Notes (Latest stable, September 9, 2016) Better support for the creation of feature models ... (last changed by DanielAmyot) 2017-02-14T19:30:19Z damyot DevDocCheckoutCode Developer setup Overview Setting up your Eclipse to start developing on jUCMNav is fairly straightforward but there are a few things to remember. This guide ... (last changed by DanielAmyot) 2016-10-06T02:09:02Z damyot JUCMNavRelease700 jUCMNav v7.0.0 Important Note This version requires Eclipse 4.x. For a version of jUCMNav that supports Eclipse 3.x, please use JUCMNavRelease540 Enhancements ... (last changed by GunterMussbacher) 2016-09-09T18:12:12Z gunterm URNMetaModel URN (jUCMNav) Metamodels NOTES New XMI Serialization As of jUCMNav 5.5, the XMI serialization of URN models (in .jucm files) uses identifiers (ID field) as pointers ... (last changed by DanielAmyot) 2016-09-06T17:29:01Z damyot DevDocMetamodelDocumentationUpdate Metamodel Documentation Update Generating HTML documentation from a metamodel created with Rational Rose Enterprise Edition requires some doing, especially if we want ... (last changed by DanielAmyot) 2016-09-06T17:07:19Z damyot DevDocDeployment NOTE: THIS PAGE IS OBSOLETE. Please use DownloadingAndInstallation instead. (last changed by DanielAmyot) 2016-09-05T18:30:16Z damyot SemanticVerification Static Semantics Checking and Metrics Computation Tool for jUCMNav jUCMNav already reports some issues found during the traversal of UCM scenarios, the propagation ... (last changed by DanielAmyot) 2016-07-29T23:02:42Z damyot DevDocHowToUpdateMetamodel How To Update the URN and/or CORE Metamodel Starting with version 0.27 of the URN metamodel, URN now depends on the core.ecore metamodel, which is defined in the ... (last changed by AprajitaSingh) 2016-05-02T01:02:18Z aprajita DevDocGenerateEMFModel EMF for dummies The following instructions are outdated and only apply to URN metamodel version 0.26 and earlier. Please see DevDocHowToUpdateMetamodel for later ... (last changed by GunterMussbacher) 2015-07-04T15:19:45Z gunterm JUCMNavDevDoc Developer Documentation This page contains documentation to help new developers catch onto how jUCMNav works. Pretty much everything that is here is a must read, ... (last changed by GunterMussbacher) 2015-07-04T15:15:44Z gunterm JUCMNavRelease600 jUCMNav v6.0.0 Important Note This version requires Eclipse 4.x. For a version of jUCMNav that supports Eclipse 3.x, please use JUCMNavRelease540 Enhancements ... (last changed by JacquesSincennes) 2015-02-20T21:15:49Z jack DownloadingAndInstallation Downloading and Installation Installation Through the Update Site (Recommended) Make sure you have Java 7 or 8 installed (especially on MacOS; JDK 7 is recommended ... (last changed by DanielAmyot) 2014-11-13T17:18:41Z damyot DevDocCommands Command Structure, Learn By Example Here's how to implement the latest Eclipse's API for commands DevDocNewCommandStructure / ... (last changed by PatriceBoulet) 2014-08-08T14:37:40Z pboul037

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