Name Verification Approach Test Cases
Req ADLInteroperability    
Req Action Redo Many JUnit Test Undo Redo
Req Action Redo One JUnit Test Undo Redo
Req Action Undo Many JUnit Test Undo Redo
Req Action Undo One JUnit Test Undo Redo
Req Area Zoom Scroll Manual  
Req Browse History Manual  
Req Browse Model Manual  
Req Char Bound Start End    
Req Char Conditions Manual  
Req Char Multi Lingual Manual  
Req Char Signatures    
Req Char Stub In Out Manual  
Req Comments    
Req Comp JUnit  
Req Comp Color JUnit  
Req Comp Comp Bind JUnit Test Bind Unbind
Req Comp Comp Unbind JUnit Test Bind Unbind
Req Comp Path Bind JUnit Test Bind Unbind
Req Comp Path Unbind JUnit Test Bind Unbind
Req Comp Pools    
Req Comp Type JUnit  
Req Comp User Types    
Req Connections JUnit  
Req Connections Async Manual  
Req Cut Copy Paste Support    
Req Display Abstract API    
Req Documentation Manual  
Req Elem Abort    
Req Elem And Fork    
Req Elem And Join    
Req Elem Delete JUnit  
Req Elem Direction Arrow JUnit  
Req Elem Dynamic Components    
Req Elem Dynamic Responsibility    
Req Elem Dynamic Stub    
Req Elem Empty Point    
Req Elem Empty Responsibility    
Req Elem End Point JUnit  
Req Elem Failure Point    
Req Elem Goals    
Req Elem Loops    
Req Elem Or Fork    
Req Elem Or Join    
Req Elem Responsibility    
Req Elem Shared Responsibilities    
Req Elem Shared Stubs    
Req Elem Start Point    
Req Elem Start Point Attributes    
Req Elem Static Stub    
Req Elem Stub Actions Manual/JUnit  
Req Elem Stub Other Actions    
Req Elem Timer JUnit  
Req Elem Timestamp    
Req Elem Wait JUnit  
Req Export Bitmap Manual  
Req Export EPS    
Req Export Map    
Req Export SVG    
Req File Association    
Req Goal Attributes Manual  
Req Goal Auto Layout    
Req Goal Browsing    
Req Goal Command Line    
Req Goal Composite Scenarios    
Req Goal Grl Support    
Req Goal Gui Standards    
Req Goal Multi Language Manual  
Req Goal Open API    
Req Goal Scripting    
Req Goal Shortcuts    
Req Goal Traversal    
Req Goal Well Formed UCM Manual  
Req Help About Manual  
Req Help Contextual    
Req Help On Line Manual  
Req Help Tool Tips    
Req Java Version None required.  
Req Labels JUnit  
Req Mode Move All Manual  
Req Mode Move Nothing    
Req Mode Move Paths    
Req Model Compare    
Req Model Hyperlink    
Req Model Merge    
Req Model Search    
Req Multi Windows Manual  
Req Open    
Req Open Old DTD    
Req Open Previous    
Req Print Diagram    
Req Print Preview    
Req Print Properties    
Req Print Report    
Req Save    
Req Save As    
Req Save Auto    
Req Save Auto Revert    
Req Save Backup    
Req Save Schema    
Req Select All    
Req Select Feedback    
Req Select Group    
Req Select Group Align    
Req Select Group Delete Manual  
Req Select Group Distr    
Req Select Group Move    
Req Select Single    
Req Select Unselect All Req Select Single, Req Select Group  
Req Select Unselect One    
Req Static Semantic Check    
Req Static Semantic Disable    
Req Static Semantic Enable    
Req Static Semantic Modify    
Req Static Semantic New    
Req Static Semantic Report    
Req Static Semantic Share Export    
Req Static Semantic Share Import    
Req View Full Screen Manual  
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