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SITE Requirements I don't think this is going to happen, the requirements seem to imply it's for UO-owned PCs only:

ipconfig /all
Write the physical address of your network card. Hopefully, Daniel Amyot will get us internet access in the room, so that he doesn't have to bring his laptop. (Better demos)

  • Jason Kealey: 00-06-5B-E5-01-0D (wired)
  • Jason Kealey: 00-03-2F-05-4A-5A (wireless.. probably useless for 4004)
  • Olivier Clift Noel?: 00-0F-1F-CC-D3-A8 (wired)
  • Olivier Clift Noel?: 00-0E-35-0F-73-6B (wireless.. probably useless for 4004)
  • Etienne Tremblay : 00-0A-E4-00-33-A0 (wire)
  • Etienne Tremblay : 00-80-C8-12-B8-F1 (wireless.. I wish it could be usefull...)
  • Jean Philippe Daigle?: 00-0D-60-B2-7B-B6 (wired)
  • Jean Philippe Daigle?: 00-0C-F1-3F-D7-22 (wireless... probably useless for 4004)
  • Jordan IHave ALaptop But Its At Home Mc Manus?: 00-DE-AD-BE-EF-00

-- Jason Kealey - 18 Jan 2005

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