In order to support loops, the repetition counts of responsibilities is used. If the traversal mechanism encounters a responsibility with a repetition count greater than 1 then the responsibility is executed that many times in a loop. The repetition count of a responsibility can currently be defined. However, a repetition count for stubs cannot be defined. In order to support structured loops more efficiently, stubs should also have this attribute and the traversal mechanism should execute the plug-ins of a stub in a loop. Note that all types of stubs are supported (i.e. whatever is "inside" a stub is repeated as many times as specified by the repetition count).

-- Gunter Mussbacher - 22 Mar 2007

Form For Req edit

Req Name SEMReq Repetition Count
Description jUCMNav shall support the traversal of repeated responsibilities and stubs.
Type Functional
Importance Mandatory
Priority Urgent
Status Proposed
Author Gunter Mussbacher
Verification Approach
Test Cases
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