-- Daniel Amyot - 30 Jan 2005

Moved from Low to Medium. This is actually a feature of Rose we think to take advantage of in another project. This is not useless...

-- Daniel Amyot - 13 Feb 2005

Don't see a problem with this. This is done with edit policies using the SELECTION_FEEDBACK_ROLE. From the GEF documentation:

"This role is a feedback only. The Selection Tool? will send two types of requests to parts as the mouse enters and pauses over objects. Edit Policies? implementing this role may alter the Edit Part?'s view in some way, or popup hints and labels and the like."

-- Jordan Mc Manus? - 13 Feb 2005

Form For Req edit

Req Name Req Model Hyperlink
Description jUCMNav SHOULD allow the user to anotate any model element with a hyperlink (Unified Resource Locator) and to visit this URL.
Type Functional
Importance Optional
Priority Medium
Status Approved
Author Daniel Amyot
Verification Approach
Test Cases
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