-- Daniel Amyot - 30 Jan 2005

That's easy to say. It's already a hard problem for plain text files; have fun doing it with your graphical notation smile

-- Jason Kealey - 03 Feb 2005

Maybe add some sort of unique ID in the different parts of the model would help do the comparison between two version of the same model? That way you can match model from the two version by their unique ID and just show the differences. New parts in a newer version would easilly be identified this way too.

We would probably have to think of a better algorithm to compare to completely different UCM for similarities/differences.

-- Etienne Tremblay - 04 Feb 2005

Importance: Future

-- Jason Kealey - 04 Feb 2005

This should be done for some elements of the metamodel only, not everything (some modifications are not significant). Not within the scope of your project!

-- Daniel Amyot - 15 Feb 2005

Type: Goals -- Jason Kealey - 17 Feb 2005

Form For Req edit

Req Name Req Model Compare
Description jUCMNav is INTENDED to enable the comparison between two use case map models (including two versions of the same model) and emphasize the differences.
Type Goal
Importance Future
Priority Low
Status Approved
Author Daniel Amyot
Verification Approach
Test Cases
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