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Now, this one is rather simple for path elements with one input and one output (responsibility, goal tag, timestamp, etc.), but more complex when:

  • many input or outputs are used (AND/OR fork/join, connected timer/wait/start, stub...)
  • removing this element would make the UCM invalid (start or end point)
  • there are dependencies to/from other parts of the model (beware of dangling/invalid references)

-- Daniel Amyot - 15 Feb 2005

How do we handle those issues? Discuss. -- Jean Philippe Daigle? - 16 Feb 2005

Right now in UCMNav (not necessarily how we should do it for jUCMNav):

  • AND/OR fork/join
    • One cannot delete them directly. One needs to delete N-1 input path segments of an N-input join (then it becomes an empty point). Similarly, one needs to delete N-1 output path segments (branches) of an N-output fork (then it becomes an empty point).
  • Timer
    • The timeout path of a timer (if any) needs to be deleted first. If the timer is connected to an end/empty point, the connection should be deleted as well (right now, I think UCMNav crashes on such an operation...)
  • Stub
    • Cannot be deleted until there is only one input and one output path (the other path segments need to be decomposed from the stub first). Whether we should make sure a stub is empty before being deleted (no plug-in) or not is an issue.
  • Start points
    • Right now, the option is to remove the whole path. However, if there is a stub (with more than one input) a or AND/OR join on the path, then this is not allowed.
  • End points
    • Cannot be deleted, except when deleting the path.
  • Responsibilities, goal tags, timestamps, waiting places (unconnected): can be removed anytime.

-- Daniel Amyot - 17 Feb 2005

Form For Req edit

Req Name Req Elem Delete
Description jUCMNav SHALL support the deletion of path elements.
Type Functional
Importance Mandatory
Priority Urgent
Status Completed
Author Daniel Amyot
Verification Approach JUnit
Test Cases
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