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  • When moving a class from one package to another, the code is refactored automatically. All references are changed.
  • However, plugin.xml doesn't get updated with the new reference.
  • After creating the default XML editor plug-in and trying to open an existing file, it get a nice "ERROR" displayed in the editor pane. Seems the default editor is better smile
  • eclipse saves the absolute path of the recent workspaces in configuration\.settings\org.eclipse.ui.prefs.
  • sample editors require you to open a file into a project; they do nothing otherwise.
  • GEF and Eclipse versions MUST match.
-- Jason Kealey - 11 Jan 2005

  • Eclipse doesn't include any visual editor by default, but you can get one here: Visual Editor Project
  • The Team > Synchronize with Repository option in eclipse seems to do exactly the same thing as Turtoise CVS + Win Merge?
  • Don't forget to add GEF in your plugin.xml dependencies if you want to use it in your code after
  • After a LOT of trial and error I managed to display gef and draw2d in the list of package that can be included... Anyone know how to do this without a lot of luck???
  • (Copy/paste from the GEF FAQ) Can I develop a standalone GEF application without use of the Eclipse platform? The official answer is No, this is not supported. The main reason involves the use of an Eclipse-specific file titled which GEF uses for string externalizations. However, since GEF is an open source project, modifications to the GEF codebase could potentially allow a GEF editor external to Eclipse.
-- Etienne Tremblay - 13 Jan 2005

  • To view API of installed framework: Help -> Help Contents -> [Plugin] Guide -> Reference -> API specs.
-- Jordan Mc Manus? - 16 Jan 2005

  • NEVER EVER try to modify an EMF model if someone else has modified it without updating from CVS first. When synchronized via CVS, tons of conflicts arise and many are hard to resolve. For example, the autogenerated code numbers all classes in a diagram. Therefore, the merger of both codes introduce duplicate ids which are hard to resolve.
-- Jason Kealey - 16 Feb 2005
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