Next Wednesday, April 13, 2005, the Faculty is happy to host a group of students from l'École secondaire l'Héritage, from Cornwall. They are very much interested in anything to do with "design and architecture". They will be at the Faculty from 10 a.m. through until 1:15 p.m.


If Joanne could arrange for you to be the first stop at 10:15, I think it would minimize the impact on your time, and would be very beneficial to the students.


Hi...I could arrange to have you start first. I have reserved the room STE A0150 for such a presentation, if you are still available and free. Please confirm. I believe, as Dr. Peyton mentions, that anything that we can demonstrate or show off, is useful information to potential students. Lets keep them interested in these areas and time will tell...

-- Jason Kealey - 10 Apr 2005

I like the presentation, thank you for creating it. I imagine it will be accompanied by a quick overview of the Wiki Web site, of Eclipse and of the jUCMNav plug-in (the sexy parts)? I will be there at 10:15 (I got confirmation that my other potential meeting will not be held).

-- Daniel Amyot - 12 Apr 2005

We might have a quick demo of the application and Eclipse but probably not for TWiki...

-- Jason Kealey - 12 Apr 2005

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