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  • Req Save Backup
    • I recommend putting this out of scope until the DTD parser has been created. Seems really easy with IFiles, not so fun with XMI serialization.
  • %BUG{261}%
    • I want out of scope
  • %BUG{246}%
    • Has to be out of scope

-- Jason Kealey - 22 May 2005

-- Daniel Amyot - 24 May 2005

  • New features / work done
    • Overview of the multi page editor architecture
    • Add/delete map --> stack behaviour
    • End point rotation
    • 24x24 icons
      • We need to start thinking about licensing before we have distribution outside the 6 of us. What's the source for the nice oranges in Etienne Tremblay's original JUCMNav logo? Do we have the rights to those images? We may want to consider a more serious logo, or maybe freely redistributable orange stock photos as base for any imagery. I'm willing to come up with something 100% legal and in the spirit of Etienne Tremblay's work. Ex photos: :jp:
    • better pathnode deletion
    • improvements in outline
    • Or Forks? are working. Structure is generic and thus reusable for And Forks?, so they're coming up very soon. :jp:
    • Rotation works for endpoints, stubs and responsabilities. What other figures need to be rotated?

-- Jordan Mc Manus? - 25 May 2005

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