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  • How do we test zooming? Manually?
    • Currently, zooming is limited to a fixed list of levels. Do we want to be able to type in our zoom?
    • private double[] zoomLevels = {.5, .75, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3, 4};
    • we add page, width, height
    • at least add 25% and if easy, textual values
  • How do we test navigation history?
    • JUnit tests
  • Answer question in Req Char Conditions
    • See it
  • We need to refine the scope of our work concerning plug-ins, how you see the user interact with them, etc.
    • Discussed, to be formalized in our documentation.
  • Req Comp Type
    • where is this in the current model? attribute
    • paths bound to stickmen? will have to define image so that it is okay
    • How do we test this? manually
  • Discuss UI related to Req Connections Async

-- Jason Kealey - 14 Mar 2005

  • How is going Milestone 3?
    • Do we have to finish it for the 17th or the 31?
  • What needs to be done in seg.JUCMNav before milestone 3?
  • Version #
    • How do we tag our versions #?
    • When do we start versioning?
  • Mediator pattern for the UI.
    • For example: The user click something in the UI, it notify the mediator and the mediator knows what needs to be changed in the ui when the user click this button... This way everything is centralized and not spreaded everywhere in all the event handlers.
  • Facade (kind of) for changing the model.
    • Try to abstract the way we can interact with the model (change it). This way if the model changes, we would only need to change the model and not the 100 commands classes that uses the model. Since the model will probably change, it could be a good idea to investigate this.
  • Context Interpreter?
    • I'll try to work on that as I integrate the new model in seg.JUCMNav.
    • Make something that knows if the user can execute a command coming from a given editpolicy depending on a given global context (selection context, tool mode context etc)...

-- Etienne Tremblay - 14 Mar 2005

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