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New features

Quick overview ( 15 min )

  • All joins and forks are there, figures need tweaking.
  • Added direction arrows
  • now setting urnspec attributes
  • label direct edit
  • transmogrify and/or
  • Path manipulation => much better, more uniform and easier to code.
    • Selection Helper? class
    • Drag & Drop pathnode on other pathnode
    • Drag & Drop pathnode on node connection
    • contextual menu with one selection, two selections.
  • label, stub, empty point, start point, end point, responsibility, direction arrow hover feedback.
  • deletion
    • of pathnode with more than one in / out.
      • disconnects it from its branches.
    • of path segments
      • forks/joins with only one in and out remaining transformed to empty points
      • delete the node connection directly (outgoing of forks/stubs, incoming of joins/stubs)
    • ctrl-a works
      • but you may have to delete multiple times.
  • about.html

Time remaining

  • Stub bindings view
    • Discussion

-- Jason Kealey - 31 May 2005

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