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Things to discuss

  • Roles
    • Jason Kealey: Project Manager and Business Analyst (Primary contact w/ L. Peyton and Daniel Amyot)
    • Jean Philippe Daigle?: Deployment and UI expert
    • Etienne Tremblay: Architect
    • Jordan Mc Manus?: Lead Developper
    • Olivier Clift Noel?: Quality Control
  • Milestone Zero feedback, if any.
  • Milestone One
    • Jan28
    • Same document as Milestone Zero but revised for his changes.
    • Concurrently want us to define the driving requirements, setup our tools, have a hello world test built with Eclipse and GEF.
    • Introduction to DOORS; high level explanations and uses; examples if possible.
    • If familiar with UCMNav code, high level architecture explanations.
  • Milestone Two
    • Feb18
    • Requirements document
    • Static simplified version of system
  • Calendar sharing alternatives
  • Define project and documentation language
  • How are we distributing the application? With or without eclipse? Should we support multiple versions? Offer multiple builds?
  • Assign tasks (post meeting)
    • Etienne Tremblay and Jordan Mc Manus?: Pump out hello world version of system. Plug-in/non-plugin less important right now. Want to see a quick mockup of moveable boxes and lines.
    • Jean Philippe Daigle? and Olivier Clift Noel?: Research UI rules, Ant, JUnit.

-- Jason Kealey - 10 Jan 2005

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