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  • Overview of new features.
    • ID/Names/References validity onload
    • Unique Responsibility and Component Ref? names.
    • Small stubs.
    • Labels automatically created.
    • Hover on node connections, cut path on node connections.
  • Metamodel changes.

  • Jean Philippe Daigle?
    • Off sick (throat has been hurting for a week, but I'm working a lot and it's getting worse - I need to sleep in a bit this morning or I'll regret it)
    • Found a bug when saving (kaboom!) after adding components and responsibilities in a particular sequence, but I don't have a repro. Anyone else see that?
    • Worked on Progress Tests? this week, it's less fun than feature work. We should outsource.
    • I think labels should be created above or beside new elements, not right on top of them. But it's a great start.

-- Jason Kealey - 17 May 2005

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