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Topics: Deliverable 5, QA presentations

For deliverable 5, how do we display test results?

  • First thing in the document: BUILD ID. (or date) We are evaluating a snapshot of the system.
  • What is the quality? (good/bad wrt where we are) (1 paragraph: what's the focus at this time?, how is the quality?)
  • How is it measured? (really high-level map from req to test)
  • List of test cases. Identify all the cases. Not necessarily all of them running so far, so say what's going on. Maybe you're not running 40% of the cases because the code behind them isn't yet written.
  • List of bugs. Should be prioritized, at least P1-P2-P3 3 levels.
    • Say: total found, total fixed, total opened.
  • Doesn't expect that all tests pass by end of semester. More important to know where we are.
  • Nice to show charts for the bug / test counts and evolution over time.

What's a bug?

  • Whatever, just agree on a definition.
  • In XP we setup the test first against the reqs.

QA Presentation

  • Iteration 4 planned what you were going to do.
  • By iteration 5 (how did it all work out in terms of what was planned), all the features should be there, but not necessarily all working (beta release).
  • By iteration 6, we get everything stabilized.
  • Now, remind us what you're building. Show a few diagrams and screenshots because everyone forgot what you were building.
  • Remind us what your strategy was.
    • What was a priority for your project?
    • Where are you? What went wrong & right?
    • Talk a bit about PROCESS
    • A few charts & numbers about test cases / bugs
    • One or two examples of what it was to do a test
      • Here's an example of the use script
      • Here's what the initial setup looked like / data
      • Here's what happened (scrshots)
      • Show input/output files
    • What's left? Rough description of what's left to:
      • Code
      • Bug fix
      • Deploy
      • Documentation
      • Acceptance / usability testing
      • Work out the right end dates for your project
    • Look like you have firm, exact dates. You know what's going on. (Make it up if you have to)

-- Jean Philippe Daigle? - 04 Feb 2005

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