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Quality Assurance Presentation 1

Team SoftwareEngineering.Ca

University of Ottawa

Our Team

Team SoftwareEngineering.Ca

  • Olivier Clift-Noël
  • Jean-Philippe Daigle
  • Jason Kealey
  • Jordan McManus
  • Étienne Tremblay

System Definition

What is a Use Case Map?
  • Tracing a path through a system of objects to explain a causal sequence

System Definition

Current editor looks like this:

System Definition

Problems that need fixing
  • Goal: Usability
  • Goal: Maintainability
  • Goal: Better documentation

System Definition

The new editor
  • Mockup screenshots (Eclipse)
  • Functionality screenshots: elements, paths (mockups)

System Definition

How are we building it?

Quality Assurance Strategy And Process

Our goals vs requirements


  • Generic
  • Guide our vision
  • Make client happy


  • Specific
  • Define functionality

QA Strategies

  • How do we test this?
  • Usability goals:
    • Following Eclipse UI guidelines
    • For this project, formal usability testing is not required; we can already guarantee a dramatic usability improvement over the current version.
    • Evaluating usability: for first version, testing by a few users (Personas: programmers that may or may not know Eclipse / UCMs) and the client.

QA Strategies

Maintainability goals:
  • Using the Eclipse framework forces us into a few highly-maintainable patterns & coding standards. (lucky us!)
  • Evaluating maintainability: code reviews and a few metrics
    • Time between assignment of an enhancement task -> resolution
    • Repository stats for modifications: problem areas

QA Strategies

Documentation goals:
  • Our client provides feedback allowing us to be assured that documentation meets quality requirements.
  • We use TWiki to foster conversation between developers and the client
  • Documents changes / history
  • Place to put dev documentation / easy to maintain

Test Framework and Data

Our development environment; technologies in use

  • System build process
    • Continuous integration
    • Email reports


Test Framework and Data

Test data
  • Testing that requirements are met
  • We're lucky to have existing UCMs as a reference
  • pizza-seg3700-sol.jpg
  • Question to answer: Can system support creation of existing UCMs with the new tool?

Test Cases and Reporting

Functional Requirements: Model & Controller
  • Diagram elements
    • Manipulating the model
    • JUnit tests are possible / a bit of scripting

  • Editor commands
    • Manual testing
    • Some automated unit tests possible
      • Examples?
    • Model serialization will help us with automated testing
      • Guard against regressions
      • Test undo / redo functionality

Test Cases and Reporting

Functional Requirements: View testing
  • View aspects
    • Mostly manual verification

Help & Documentation

  • Manual review by client, who provides timely feedback
  • Quality is somewhat subjective

Test Cases and Reporting

Non-functional requirements
  • Java version
    • Building on J2 SE? 1.5 (Java 5.0)
    • Other tests passing implies it works under this platform target.


  • Remember we get automated notifications of tests having passed / failed on each build.

Test Plan

Jason will review Reqs and see what prototypes has touched. Breakdown by Mandatory / Optionals.

Who does what: (clean up)

  • ET: architecture
  • Jord: coding standards
  • JP: UI, usability, deployment
  • Oli: General QA, Documentation goals
  • JK: Targeting of bugs with releases, Delivery validation (building the right thing?)

-- Jean Philippe Daigle? - 18 Mar 2005

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