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Status Report

Project: UCMNav Eclipse Plug-in

Iteration: Milestone One

Implementation Status

In a sentence or two briefly describe what can currently be run to demonstrate the system. In other words, what is now available for feedback from the customer and testing within the development team? Attach or include a few sample screen shows to illustrate the progress.

We currently have an Eclipse editor that handles *.ucm files. It doesn't actually do anything with the data other than replace the default XML editor with a graphical editor built with the Graphical Editing Framework. It allows for moving and resizing a rectangle which represents a component in the Use Case Maps notation.

The following sequence of screenshots shows a rectangle being resized.




List any items of note. Breakthroughs, accomplishments, major decisions, or changes in the project plan. Are you on schedule, ahead of schedule or behind schedule?

  • We have decided to submit our reports in English. Milestone One is the exception, because of its tight resemblance with Milestone Zero.
  • Our development environment is set up.
    1. TWiki works and has gained tremendous acceptance in our team
      • We will not only use TWiki to share information but also to define our requirements and work on any reports we must submit.
      • We have installed various plugins such as a calendar, a drawing tool and easy linking to BugZilla
    2. BugZilla works
    3. CVS works
    4. SSH accounts work
  • TWiki was so easy to use that it has been decided that it will replace DOORS as our requirements management tool.
  • We will be forced to respect the MVC structure imposed by GEF (Graphical Editing Framework) which handles the view and controller aspects of our system. We have also decided to use EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) to design the model part of the system. With a bit of experience, it should help us cope with the evolving model.
  • We are on schedule in general. We are ahead of schedule in the plug-in prototypes and a bit behind schedule on formally written requirements.

Risks or Issues List

In the following table, list any risk or issue that needs to be managed that is critical to the success of the project. This could be anything from we need to get good test data from our customer, to how do we ensure the system is usable, to performance is unacceptable. This should be a complete historical list that is kept from the beginning of the project until the end. Status should be one of New, Ongoing, Closed. The resolution column should be filled in if the issue or risk is closed. Normally, I would expect a project to have about 1-5 issues or risks they are managing that are New or Ongoing at any given time. If you have more than that then either you have a project in serious trouble or your criteria for what is 'critical to success' is to loose.
Date Entered Risk or Issue Description Resolution Status
05 Jan 2005 Eclipse is an evolving platform Eclipse/GEF is rapidly evolving and the current version (3.1) has not yet been released as stable. We have decided to settle on version 3.0.1 of all Eclipse tools that we will be using. Closed
05 Jan 2005 New Tools We are using various tools that we don't necessarily have experience with: Ant, BugZilla, CVS, DOORS, Eclipse+GEF+EMF, JUnit, Rational XDE, TWiki, UCMNav See below Ongoing
05 Jan 2005 Varying schedules Must find way so that all team members can contribute equally, regardless of schedule differences. - Ongoing
05 Jan 2005 Difficult deployment We may have to support different versions of Eclipse, testing different operating systems, distributing the plug-in with and without Eclipse We have decided on supporting only Eclipse/GEF version 3.0.1 and EMF v2.0.1, testing only on Windows XP SP2 and distributing the plug-in without Eclipse. Closed
23 Jan 2005 New version of the DTD We await the new version of the DTD that we will have to support (read/write). UCM Version 0.23 is already on the website - Ongoing
23 Jan 2005 Requirements We have defined the requirements definition process in which Daniel Amyot will have an important role but they have yet to be drafted - Ongoing

New Tools

  • BugZilla/CVS/Rational tools: Already familiar.
  • TWiki: Passed the critical level, very easy to use.
  • Ant/JUnit: To be learned in SEG4511.
  • DOORS: Abandoned in favor of TWiki.
  • UCMNav: We have three experts to help us. We are only replicating the tool's basic functionality.
  • Eclipse+GEF+EMF: Developing Java in Eclipse is a breeze. Developing plug-ins with GEF and EMF requires lots of reading. Our team members have already started writing high-level reports on various experiences. A ten page tutorial has already been written for a GEF editor so that all team members can benefit from the trial-error of others. We still have much to learn about this framework.

Tasks in Progress or Completed This Iteration:

List the tasks that each member of the project worked on last iteration.

Task Name Description Who Worked on it %complete
Setup Environment Install TWiki (and plugins), BugZilla, CVS, CVS Stat, ViewCVS Jason Kealey, Jean Philippe Daigle?, Olivier Clift Noel? 100%
Install Eclipse Eclipse 3.0.1, GEF 3.0.1, EMF 2.0.1 All 100%
Research Eclipse Plug-ins Read about the architecture of Eclipse Etienne Tremblay, Jordan Mc Manus? 100%
GEF Editor Create a graphical GEF editor that allows you to move and resize rectangles. Etienne Tremblay 100%
10 Page tutorial on GEF GEF is very new to us. Write a tutorial letting us know how to do it. Etienne Tremblay 100%
Investigate Ant + Eclipse Write a 1-2 page report on the subject Jean Philippe Daigle? 100%
Dummy CVS project Test the development environment with CVS Jean Philippe Daigle? 100%
Research UI Guidelines Find documents on Eclipse UI guidelines Jean Philippe Daigle? 100%
Investigate EMF Find resources + create a dummy EMF model + write 1-2 page report Jordan Mc Manus? 50%
View tests Experiment on perspectives and views in Eclipse Jordan Mc Manus? 100%
Calendar Write down all events in the following six months in our web based calendar (meetings, milestones, vacations) Jordan Mc Manus? 100%
Define views Define the specifications for the views Jason Kealey, Jean Philippe Daigle?, Etienne Tremblay 100%
Mockup UI For Milestone One, mockup the UI Olivier Clift Noel? 100%
Milestone Investigation Researched information for Milestone Zero and Milestone One Olivier Clift Noel? 100%
Milestone Zero, Milestone One Write up the reports Jason Kealey, Jean Philippe Daigle? 100%

Tasks to be worked on next Iteration:

List the tasks that each member of the project is planning on working on this iteration.

Task Name Description Who Will Work on it
Investigate JUnit + Eclipse Write a 1-2 page report on the subject Olivier Clift Noel?
Build prototype EMF+GEF Build a simple prototype using EMF and GEF with components and links Etienne Tremblay, Jordan Mc Manus?
File Manipulation Investigate XML based file manipulations using UCM's DTD and EMF Jason Kealey
Build prototype views Define and prototype all the views in the system. Major UI work here. Olivier Clift Noel?, Jean Philippe Daigle?
Define requirements Work with Daniel Amyot to define the requirements Jason Kealey
Define QA process Define QA process Olivier Clift Noel?, Jason Kealey

-- Jason Kealey - 24 Jan 2005

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