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Informal Meeting with Stéphane Somé (Jan 17 2005)


  • Eclipse / CVS integration
    • Works very well.
    • Works well even when some people use Eclipse and some use other CVS clients.
    • Recommends using.

  • Eclipse / Plugin development
    • It's been a while, doesn't remember much.
    • Not very hard.
    • Quite easy, at a later date, to refactor and split off the plugin into a standalone app if required.

  • Eclipse / JUnit
    • Integration works very well.
    • Use the templates created with Eclipse, saves time.
    • We'll have labs in the testing course.

  • Build
    • Good idea to learn ant and keep the possibility of building outside Eclipse.
    • Eclipse helps but learn normal ant build tasks as well for complicated stuff.

-- Jean Philippe Daigle? - 18 Jan 2005

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