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Peyton sent us an email of comments. we discussed these in onenote.

Here is the previous email, highlighted are the TODO points that aren`t covered elsewhere. Project Plan. Not bad, but I want to see WHO (which role) is responsible for the 2 or 3 most important tasks/deliverables for each iteration. Don’t focus on just the deliverables for me, do mention what is being built at each iteration, don’t forget infrastructure you need to set up (source control, build process, test process etc.)

NOTE: I do not necessarily want more detail than you already provided just refine it a bit so it is in the form of WHO is responsible for WHAT … and I only care about the most important “WHATs”.

USE case diagram needs a brief sentence for each actor and use case to explain what it is.

Scenario mockup is a bit crude … I can live with it for this deliverable but why not get your development environment set up and mockup what it will really look like? A little more explanation would have helped.

Architecture … are you storing any persistent information …. If so where? How does the structure of UCM persistent information relate to other source code you are working on.

I am a little confused (but maybe I just need to read it again more carefully) as to what you are building and the architecture. Did not follow all the stuff about UCM requiring XWindows, cygwin etc. … especially since it was not in your architecture diagram. Why are you writing in C++ if you need to run on Linux? Would not Java make more sense? Is there existing code for UCM you are building on, or are you writing everything from scratch?


From Daniel Amyot:

-- Jason Kealey - 14 Jan 2005

Upcoming discussion in Milestone One on UI design (and risks):

-- Jean Philippe Daigle? - 15 Jan 2005

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