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jUCMNav v5.5.0

Important Note

This version requires Eclipse 4.x. For a version of jUCMNav that supports Eclipse 3.x, please use JUCMNav Release 540

Enhancements Highlights!

  • NEW Releases 5.5.0 is now compatible with Eclipse 4.x
  • NEW Releases 5.5.0 has prototype alpha support for feature models.


Contributors to this release included Dominique Blouin, Patrice Boulet, Nabil Cherchem, Yasser Khan, Yanji Liu, Rouzbahan Rashidi-Tabrizi, ╔tienne Tremblay, and Yin Xinshang.

Release Notes

  • Minor changes to avoid exceptions thrown with Eclipse 4.x solved (D. Blouin)
  • Problem with run all evaluation in GRL strategy group (off by one index) solved (E. Tremblay)
  • Prototype support for feature models, with evaluation, based on GRL (Y. Xinshang, Y. Liu)
  • Small issue fixed with expansion of GRL intentional elements in actors (R. Rashidi-Tabrizi)

Also, many thanks to N. Cherchem, Y. Khan and P. Boulet for fixing our Cruise Control server infrastructure for supporting Eclipse 4.x!


  • End-user documentation is integrated with the Eclipse help system. Access Help > Help Contents from the Eclipse workbench, then select topic jUCMNav Online Help.
  • The latest user documentation can also be accessed via Help On Line

Reporting Bugs / Usability Requests

  • Send your bug reports to
  • Include reproduction steps, sample .jucm files and, if applicable, copy-paste the error log messages.
  • If you're zealous enough, we'll create a BugZilla account for you smile

Enhancements / Fixes since 5.4.0

Bug Description
910 Editor fails to launch : java.lang.NoSuchMethodError

For enhancements and fixes since previous releases, please refer to the release notes of the Previous Releases.

Known Issues in 5.5.0

  • MSC Viewer and user documentation only available in English (GUI, models and reports are however multi-lingual)
  • When changing a few of the preferences, one must sometimes close & re-open a model for the change to have an impact on the editor.
  • The UCM traversal mechanism does not take into consideration advanced stubs, failures, aspect-oriented extensions, and some other attributes.
  • Aspect-oriented GRL is not yet supported.
  • Open bugs on Buzilla server

-- Patrice Boulet - 02 May 2014

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