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jUCMNav v5.2.0

Enhancements Highlights!

  • NEW Release 5.2.0 is a minor release focusing on a few new features for AoURN.
  • NEW AoURN matching in UCM models now supports regular expressions, components, and metadata.
  • NEW AoURN matching in UCM models now allows several pointcut maps to be plugged into a pointcut stub.
  • NEW This release is coordinated with AoURNtoRAM v1.0.1.

Video and Image Overviews

IMPORTANT: If you have not yet looked at the enhancements of versions 4.x, please visit these video overviews of version 4.0.0, version 4.1.0, version 4.2.0, version 4.4.0, and the description of AoURN .

Requirements and Installation

Please visit Downloading And Installation and the animated Installation Demo. Note that this version requires Eclipse 3.7 and above (and preferably Eclipse Modeling Tools 3.7.x)


Contributors to this release included Gunter Mussbacher.

Release Notes


  • End-user documentation is integrated with the Eclipse help system. Access Help > Help Contents from the Eclipse workbench, then select topic jUCMNav Online Help.
  • The latest user documentation can also be accessed via Help On Line

Reporting Bugs / Usability Requests

  • Send your bug reports to
  • Include reproduction steps, sample .jucm files and, if applicable, copy-paste the error log messages.
  • If you're zealous enough, we'll create a BugZilla account for you smile

Enhancements / Fixes since 5.1.0

The added AoURN features do not have bug numbers.

For enhancements and fixes since previous releases, please refer to the release notes of the Previous Releases.

Known Issues in 5.2.0

  • Reports generated, MSC Viewer, and user documentation only available in English.
  • When changing a few of the preferences, one must sometimes close & re-open a model for the change to have an impact on the editor.
  • The UCM traversal mechanism does not take into consideration advanced stubs, failures, aspect-oriented extensions, and some other attributes.
  • Aspect-oriented GRL is not yet supported.
  • Generated reports could be more complete

-- Gunter Mussbacher - 12 Sep 2012

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