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jUCMNav v4.2.0

Enhancements Highlights!

  • NEW Advanced UI mode
  • NEW Support for new types of UCM constructs (notation only, no analysis)
    • Blocking and Synchronizing stubs from Z.151
    • Failure points and Failure/Abort start points (new extension)
    • Aspect-oriented UCM (local start/end points, replacement stub, anything pointcut, and aspect markers)
  • Improved copy/cut/paste for UCM models
  • NEW UCM stub refactoring
  • NEW UCM responsibility binding
  • NEW Contextual menu for setting GRL contribution levels
  • NEW Export / Import of models in URN's standardized format (Z.151 schema)
  • NEW New and improved GRL propagation algorithms
  • NEW Sorting diagrams in large models
  • NEW Diagram anti-aliasing
  • NEW Support for 'else' in UCM conditions
  • 39 new OCL semantic rules and metrics!
  • Major performance improvements for large models
  • Many UCM and GRL user interface improvements
  • Updated French translation of all features
  • and much more!

Video and Image Overviews

Some of the following items are animations. Click on the green arrows to continue playing them.

IMPORTANT: If you have not yet looked at the enhancements of previous versions 4..x, please visit these video overviews of version 4.0.0 and version 4.1.0.

Advanced User Interface Mode

Support for Synchronizing and Blocking Stubs


Support for Failure Points and Failure/Abort Start Points

Support for Aspect-oriented Use Case Maps


Support for UCM Stub Refactoring

This feature is still in beta.

Support for UCM Responsibility Binding

jUCMNav's improved stub binding dialog now contains 2 tabs, one to bind start/end points to input/output segments, and the other to handle component bindings and responsibility bindings NEW.


Support for Hyperlinks

Contextual Menu for Setting GRL Contribution Levels


Import/Export in Z.151 Format

jUCMNav can now import/export URN models in the standard XML format specified in ITU-T Z.151:


See Z151 Import Export for the project's documentation and instructions. See also Yan Gao's Project Report

New and Improved GRL Propagation Algorithms

An algorithm for formula-based NEW contributions to indicators (to represent external drivers and compute indicator values other than satisfaction levels, e.g., money, number of items, time, etc.). These are shown in blue over the indicators. Contributions between indicators are given names that can be used in formulas attached as metadata to target indicators. This feature is still in beta.



  • Support for XOR decomposition in all algorithms
  • Support for Legal Compliance profile in all algorithms

Antialising and Metadata Indicators

In the general preference, it is now possible to select whether UCM/GRL diagrams should be anti-aliased NEW. Anti-aliasing is good when diagrams are displayed on screen, but not so much for printed documents. It is also possible now to display/hide the symbol used on elements and links to indicate the presence of metadata.


Sorting Diagrams in Large Models

New OCL Rules and Metrics

  • NEW 1 additional OCL metrics (UCM path node coverage)
  • NEW 38 additional OCL semantic rules, with updated OCL library
    • 20 rules for Legal model compliance (new group, for Legal profile)
    • 8 rules for Z.151 export and 5 more for jUCMNav deprecated elements (new group)
    • 2 rules for GRL consistency/completeness, 2 for UCM consistency/completeness, and 1 for unused element (UCM path nodes not covered by scenario definition, for test coverage!)

New Metamodel Additions

  • Metamodel changes: Added support for Aspect-oriented UCM constructs, UCM failures, responsibility bindings, Z.151 concerns, and UCM time units


Contributors to this release included Etienne Tremblay and Jason Kealey (from LavaBlast Software, Yan Gao, Daniel Amyot, Alireza Pourshahid, Sepideh Ghanavati, Andrew Miga, and Gunter Mussbacher. Many thanks to HengSoft LLC and particularly to Thomas Weigert for funding part of this new release. Additional funding was provided by NSERC (Discovery and Postgraduate Scholarship grants) and by NSERC/CIHR (Collaborative Health Research Project).

Requirements and Installation

Please visit Downloading And Installation and the animated Installation Demo. Note that this version now requires Eclipse 3.5 and above.

Release Notes


  • End-user documentation is integrated with the Eclipse help system. Access Help > Help Contents from the Eclipse workbench, then select topic jUCMNav Online Help.
  • The latest user documentation can also be accessed via Help On Line

Reporting Bugs / Usability Requests

  • Send your bug reports to
  • Include reproduction steps, sample .jucm files and, if applicable, copy-paste the error log messages.
  • If you're zealous enough, we'll create a BugZilla account for you smile

Other Enhancements / Fixes since 4.1.0

  • Various bugs and UI-related issues:
Bug Description
240 SWT runs out of handles after a while with the outline
346 Moving/renaming a .jucm file does not delete the old copy of the file
467 GRL: set values via contextual menu on item
497 Scenarios: add "negate all others" (else) to condition editor
531 jUCMNav memory leak and heap space problem
568 Support "Cut Path" on any node connection/empty point/direction arrow
630 Warn user when deleting a scenario definition that is included by another one
647 GRL "Change Decomposition Type" is now a contextual menu, seen only when decomposition links exist
663 When inserting a GRL/UCM element in a diagram, the tool should highlight its name and allow to edit it right away
667 Component bindings bug with deletion
677 Export to flat UCM makes jUCMNav crashes on large file
678 Problem with exporting scenarios
695 Undoing the deletion of a GRL diagram while evaluating strategies causes an NPE
706 Improve cut/copy/paste of UCM segments
709 Problems with views when switching to non-jUCMNav editors
721 Connect was not properly bound
722 Stub binding window does not allow setting the replicationFactor
724 Metrics/Rules preferences on Linux: details take too much place
725 Added access to GRL run-time evaluation values and UCM path node hit counts as metadata
726 Strategy/Scenario View becomes empty after looking at a Java file
727 Invalid thread access when generating PDF/RTF reports
728 Generating a report with an empty diagram generates an error
730 Cannot display stereotypes on GRL links
731 Cannot add metadata to GRL links
733 Hoovering a responsibility with code should display code
736 KPI view creates a SWT Exception
737 Concern view icon duplicated in Outline view
738 Copy/paste does not preserve responsibility-to-component links
746 Add a preference to show/hide the metadata indicators
747 Unhandled Loop Exception in Scenario Execution Mode

For enhancements and fixes since previous releases, please refer to the release notes of the Previous Releases.

Known Issues in 4.2.0

  • Reports generated, MSC Viewer, and user documentation only available in English.
  • User documentation not up to date.
  • Changing the visibility of several UCM/GRL elements via jUCMNav's main preference page may require you to reload the model or refresh the diagrams with the Scenario and Strategy view.
  • The UCM traversal mechanism does not take into consideration advanced stubs, failures, and some other attributes.
  • Generated reports could be more complete
  • The UCEd import will not work with the latest version of UCEd.
  • There are no extension points to give your own scenario/strategy algorithms and no UI to choose them.

-- Daniel Amyot - 11 Jan 2010

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