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jUCMNav v4.1.0

Enhancements Highlights!

  • NEW Menu/Keyboard driven selection of importance and satisfaction values for GRL intentional elements
  • NEW Major enhancements to the handling of user-defined semantic rules and metrics
  • NEW Default sets of 76 rules and 29 metrics, with groups
  • Improved report generation, with unified preference page and wizard, and more complete reports

Video Overviews

IMPORTANT: If you have not yet looked at the enhancements of version 4.0.0, please visit these video overviews.

Selection of GRL Importance/Evaluation Values

Management and Usage of Semantic Rules and of Metrics

Preference pages

Menu-driven evaluation, and Problems view

Report Generation Preferences



Contributors to this release included Andrew Miga, Daniel Amyot, Alireza Pourshahid, Jason Kealey and Gunter Mussbacher. Funding was provided by NSERC/CIHR (Collaborative Health Research Project).


Update site (recommended)

  • In Eclipse: Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install -> Search for new features to install -> New remote site:
  • See the animated Installation Demo (for Eclipse 3.5)
  • Important Notes
    • On Eclipse 3.4, select both the new jUCMNav update site and the Europa Discovery Site
    • Using the update site is needed if you want the MSC Viewer plugin to be installed properly. Afterwards, the jUCMNav and MSC Viewer plugins can be updated manually from binaries.
    • Eclipse does not allow automatic upgrades between major revisions. jUCMNav v3.* will need to be uninstalled before proceeding with the installation of jUCMNav v4.*

From binaries (not recommended)

  • Download v4.1.0 here (jar).
    • Make sure your browser does not rename the .jar file to .zip or anything else.
  • Source files
  • Download and install all prerequisites, then copy the jar file into your /eclipse/plugins/ directory. Restart Eclipse.
  • If you've installed jUCMNav from a latest build instead of an official release, make sure you remove the latest builds.


Operating Systems

  • Windows XP (tested) :check:
  • Linux (tested) :check:
  • MacOS X (tested) :check:
  • Any other O/S on which you can run Eclipse (currently untested - please report your success!)



  • Version
    • jUCMNav 4.1 requires Eclipse 3.4 or Eclipse 3.5
  • Distributions
  • Plug-ins required for running jUCMNav
    • jUCMNav 4.1 requires the Eclipse EMF, GEF, JDT, RPC, OCL, and Platform plugins.
    • Users should use the jUCMNav update site to get these dependencies automatically.
    • Otherwise, they can be obtained from the Eclipse Projects Update Site or from their respective projects
  • [Optional] Additional plug-ins required for compiling jUCMNav


Release Notes



  • End-user documentation is integrated with the Eclipse help system. Access Help > Help Contents from the Eclipse workbench, then select topic jUCMNav Online Help.
  • The latest user documentation can also be accessed via Help On Line

Reporting Bugs / Usability Requests

  • Send your bug reports to
  • Include reproduction steps, sample .jucm files and, if applicable, copy-paste the error log messages.
  • If you're zealous enough, we'll create a BugZilla account for you smile

Enhancements / Fixes since 4.0.0

  • NEW Major usability enhancements for GRL intentional elements
    • Menu-driven selection of quantitative/qualitative importance values
    • Menu-driven selection of quantitative/qualitative initial satisfaction values in a selected strategy
    • Interactive, keyboard-driven increase/decrease of satisfaction values in a selected strategy
  • NEW Major enhancements to the handling of user-defined semantic rules and metrics
  • Improved report generation
    • Unified preference page for reporting
    • Reports in PDF/RTF/HTML from the same Report Wizard
    • NEW More complete set of UCM/GRL elements in the reports
      • Including GRL elements, metadata and URN links
  • Clearer Export Wizard

  • Various bugs and UI-related issues:
Bug Description
695 Undoing the deletion of a GRL diagram while evaluating strategies cause an exception
698 UCM variable enumeration bug
700 GRL evaluation label not long enough
708 Add more default rules/metrics
709 Strategy/Scenario View not notified of file closed
710 Cannot rename groups rules/metrics, and exporting does not ask confirmation
711 Rules should be categorizable as errors or warnings, with appropriate icons
712 Metrics editor should not have a context String or a warning checkbox
713 Null Pointer Exceptions in tabbed properties
714 Null Pointer Exceptions when using intentional element with blank name
715 Event loop exception when adding a diagram

Enhancements / Fixes since 3.2.1

  • NEW Major usability enhancements.
    • NEW Copy-paste support!
      • Copy-paste elements within the same model.
      • Copy-paste elements to another model.
      • Copy-paste elements to a graphic editor or word processor.
      • UCM Limitation: UCM path segments cannot be copied.
      • GRL Limitation: GRL links are only pasted when one node is pasted at a time.
    • NEW Added palette shortcut keys
    • Improved numerous icons
    • Improved numerous tool tips.
    • Improved numerous pop-ups, preference pages and wizards
    • Improved contextual help
    • Improved contextual menus (including new element insertions, changing colors, etc.)
    • NEW Property page improvements
      • Tabbed property sheet - simplified editing for common scenarios
    • NEW Outline improvements
      • Show/hide empty points, direction arrows, element ids.
      • Outline filtering by keyword
      • Customizable outline sort
    • NEW Improved definition management
      • Action to delete unreferenced definitions.
      • Preferences - automatically delete definition after deleting last reference?
    • NEW Added definition name auto-complete inside editors
    • NEW Added search within model menu item
  • NEW Metamodel changes: Added support for a comment element, waiting place Wait Kind?, GRL XOR decomposition types, and Component Bindings

  • Various bugs and UI-related issues:
Bug Description
553 Deleting a map whose start point is referenced in a scenario definition causes saving the file to complain.
654 Change enumeration type problem
665 Clicking on a label should edit it even when a palette item is selected
348 Description property should be a multiline textbox
684 Move map when dragging from outline
389 Undo-redo in element view
693 Could not add timeout-path to connected timer
694 Bug with shared UCM/GRL variables when GRL was not initialized
583 Duplicate strategy now works for pre-3.1.0 .jucm files
687 Improved feedback in GRL strategies
664 Default contribution value should be Help
636 Now able to drag-and-drop a direction arrow on an empty point
various Bugs with deletion, unit test fixes, etc.

Known Issues in 4.1.0

  • Reports generated, MSC Viewer, and user documentation only available in English.
  • User documentation not up to date.
  • Visibility of GRL contribution icons and text now can be set via jUCMNav's main preference page, but open editors are not automatically updated. You need to reload the model or refresh with the strategy view.
  • There are no extension points to give your own scenario/strategy algorithms and no UI to choose them.
  • Memory leak. With very large diagrams (30+ complex maps), you might only be able to open it half a dozen times before you run out of memory. Restart Eclipse to clean memory or increase JVM heap space until we find the memory leak source.

-- Daniel Amyot - 14 Nov 2009

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