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Here is what I propose for the Hello World. All we need it the is something that looks like jUCMNav that we can interact with. Not a full fledge editor. I have simplified Etienne's model (using paint, haven't installed rational rose yet).

This is similar to the shape editor and network editor, that is implement edit parts, edit policies, commands and an editor.

We will need to create the figures that will be displayed by the edit parts. So far we've only used rectangles and ellipses. I am pretty certain that we can draw the image we want as a .gif and use it to create the figure. I will look into this later tonight if my studying for Testing goes well.

-- Jordan Mc Manus? - 13 Feb 2005

I commited all my changes on We can now delete nodes and link (and undo the deletes). The model can now be saved and loaded in the editor. I had a lot of problems with load/save because basically for the first time I copy/pasted code without understanding it, wich is not a good idea ;). In my model definition the relation between Network -- Nodes and Network -- Link was not a composition, so I had error that I had to explicitly add the Node and Link objects to the XMIRessource. But I changed my model to reflect that a Network is composed of link and nodes, now I just need to save the network and all the nodes and links are saved automatically.

To do our Hello World, I think we could just use our network editor and change the Node Figure? class to make it look more like a UCM diagram node and maybe include some other visual representation. Right now seriously I don't see the need to change our model too much to show the functionnalities of our Hello World program.

The next step would be to rename some of our class to reflect more our real model for jUCMNav and see how much work it is to make the changes.

-- Etienne Tremblay - 14 Feb 2005

There are many "UCM diagram nodes" and edit parts can only have 1 figure. We will need to add to the network editor model and create the corresponging edit parts.

The reason I was suggesting to make a diffrent project was to be able to integrate what JP researched on building and deploying projects. If we can do this easily in the network editor, than it rocks too.

-- Jordan Mc Manus? - 14 Feb 2005

Here are some screenshots of the Hello World.

The pizza example recreated with this basic Hello World:


Property Page:

Here is a screenshot of the model UML used for the Hello World. It's pretty similar to what Jordan posted before. I just extended it to be easier to use with the editpart that were already there.


-- Etienne Tremblay - 16 Feb 2005

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