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Name Type Size Values Tooltip message
Req Name text 35   A Wiki name, starting with Req
Description textarea 60x4   Use SHALL or SHOULD statements
Type select 1 Functional, Non Functional, GUI, Platform, Goal Goal is not a requirement but an objective
Importance select 1 Mandatory, Optional, Future Future means to consider beyond this project
Priority select 1 Urgent, Medium, Low  
Status select 1 Proposed, Approved, Rejected, Started, Implemented, Completed Completed means implemented and tested
Author text 35   Wiki name of the author (do not forget the Main. prefix)
Dependencies text 60   List of requirement Wiki names (and optionally type of dependency)
Verification Approach text 60   A few words about the strategy (or Wiki name)
Test Cases text 60   List of test case Wiki names, if any
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