A map is a pointcut expression if
- all stubs that bound that map are pointcut stubs from the same concern AND
- all stubs contained in that map have no plugin bindings

Observe that regular map can be used as pointcut expression. For example, if a pointcut stub use a map from a different concern as plugin then the plugin is a regular map used as pointcut expression.

- Pointcut expression shall not be translated to the intermediate workflow model

Form For Feature edit

Feature Name Fea Transform Pointcut Stub
Sequence 1205
Size 3
Sprint 2.5
Release 2
Description - pointcutStubs are transformed into startPoints and endPoints (hence, they do not exist in the intermediate model)

Impact on Fea Step View
- multiple steps may be created (e.g., one for the path segment before the pointcut stub, one for the path segment after the stub if these two segments are not connected other than through the pointcut stub)
Author Stéphane Leblanc
Topic revision: r13 - 20 Mar 2012 - 14:27:53 - Stephane Leblanc
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