- Entrance aspect markers have only inBindings and exit aspect markers have only outBindings. This only impact Fea Workflow Instantiation Without Stubs. However, stub allows to have 0.* inBindings and 0.* outBindings. Thus, this case is "special" but does not require to be handle differently from the normal case.

Form For Feature edit

Feature Name Fea Transform Aspect Marker
Sequence 1171
Size 1
Sprint 2.4
Release 2
Description - aspectMarker are not customizable
- aspectMarker shall be transformed from UCM to RAM-Instantiation
- Regular, entrance, exit and conditional aspect marker are all handle as staticStub

Impact on Fea Step View
- Aspect markers shall be hidden in the step view
- Bindings shall be hidden in the step view when startPoints/endPoints are only only bound by aspect markers

Impact on Fea Naming Of RAMStep
- Aspect markers shall behave like static stubs bound to a plugin map from another concern
Author Stéphane Leblanc
Topic revision: r12 - 20 Mar 2012 - 14:27:34 - Stephane Leblanc
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