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-- Stephane Leblanc - 11 Jan 2012

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Feature Name Fea System Instantiation
Sequence 1165
Size 2
Sprint 2.4
Release 2
Description - Generate Java code that instanciates a workflow in order to demonstrate that it is possible to infer RAM system instantiation from the worflows defined as UCMs
- The systemInstanciator shall interact with the workflowInstanciator in order to instanciate all workflows of the system.
- It is the systemInstanciator responsability to manage dependencies between workflows. That is, the systemInstanciator shall be aware that workflowA invoke workflowB as a plugin.
- The Java code shall compile
Author Stéphane Leblanc
Topic revision: r5 - 20 Mar 2012 - 14:27:22 - Stephane Leblanc
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