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Creating a plugin for jUCMNav



Use wizard

  • Ctrl-N -> Plug-in project
  • Plug-in Project
    • Enter a project name
    • Next.
  • Plug-in Contenjt
    • Plug-in ID: A unique id such as seg.jUCMNav.UCM2CSM
    • Plug-in Name: A name such as Use Case Map to CSM plugin
    • Plug-in provider:
    • Next.
  • Templates
    • Uncheck Create a plug-in using one of the templates.
    • Finish.
  • If prompted for perspective change, click yes.

Modify your manifest / create plugin.xml

  • Click on the dependencies tab.
  • Add required plugins.
    • seg.jUCMNav
    • org.eclipse.gef (if using UseCaseMapExport, even if might not export using IFigure)
    • org.eclipse.emf, org.eclipse.emf.ecore, org.eclipse.emf.common.ui (note: not sure which ones are required to manipulate the meta-model and which not)
  • Click on the extensions tab.
  • Add Extension.
    • Choose seg.jUCMNav.UseCaseMapExport
    • Notice plugin.xml has been created.
  • Right-click on the extension -> new -> exporter.
  • Fill the fields such as specified in Dev Doc Import Export Extension Points
  • The class you have specified does not exist. Lets create it!

Creating a class that implements the interface.

  • Create the appropriate package structure for your project.
  • Create a new class that implements IUseCaseMapExport in this package.
  • Implement the relevant methods.


  • Debug-As -> Eclipse Application
  • By default, all plugin projects are added to the launched Eclipse.
  • Test to see your plugin appears where it should in the UI.

-- Jason Kealey - 15 Jan 2006

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