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  • The outline is a view external to our editor.
  • As mentioned in Dev Doc Multi Page Editor and/or Dev Doc UCMEditor, the framework queries editors for its outline using getAdapter(IContentOutlinePage.class)
  • Our outline is the seg.jUCMNav.views.outline.UrnOutlinePage

GEF Treeview.

  • UrnOutlinePage extends
  • See Dev Doc Edit Part Creation for explanations on GEF editparts
  • Is implemented as a treeview, all editparts extend org.eclipse.gef.editparts.AbstractTreeEditPart
  • Our editpart factory is TreeEditPartFactory
  • As explained in Dev Doc Edit Policies, our editpart's behaviour are the same as the ones in the graphical editor by attaching the same edit policies.
  • Our root editpart is managed by the framework. However, the root's only child is OutlineRootEditPart.
  • Because the topmost editpart (OutlineRootEditPart; I say topmost to avoid saying root's only child) isn't represented visually in the outline (for unknown/unexplored reasons) and because we wanted the URNspec to be visible in the outline, we had to create another editpart whose's child is URNspec.
  • Therefore, OutlineRootEditPart's model is the multipage editor, whose model child is the URNspec.
  • This is probably due to bad programming on our part, but we never got around to investigating a better way to do it.
  • Our categories (Components, Responsibilities) are not linked to any model elements; they are linked to strings; their sole purpose is to group the components and responsibilities together.


  • The outline is the only location in the editor where the user has access to the URNspec and to component/responsibility definitions.
  • As a treeview, items can have icons. These must match the same icons used in the palette; this is done manually.
  • We generate one outline page per UcmEditor and if none exist, one in the UCMNavMultiPageEditor. They are all currently the same, but the behaviour could change in the future.

-- Jason Kealey - 08 Jul 2005

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