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Updating the Online Help

At the moment, the online help is a monolithic TWiki/HTML document. We use a scrit to convert it to XHTML and embed it in jUCMNav.

  1. Update the Help On Line on Twiki
    • Must be XHTML-compatible. "&" should be "&amp;", ">" should be "&gt;", "<br>" should be "<br />", etc.
    • When attaching an image, do not create a link at the bottom (hide it).
  2. Extract an HTML file with images
    • Run the /seg.jUCMNav/helpcontent/getlatest script (requires wget).
  3. Fix the helponline.html file
    • The <LINK> tag should be XHTML compatible (with /> at its end)
  4. Update the /seg.jUCMNav/help.xml file
    • This is the Eclipse index. Synchronize with the table of contents found in the helponline.html file.
  5. Copy all the files to the /seg.jUCMNav/helpcontent/ directory
  6. Test locally in debug mode
    • The SAX parser may complain (quite picky). The console on the development Eclipse IDE provides the line number in the helponline.html file where the problem occurs, if any.
  7. Once this is working, commit /seg.jUCMNav/helpcontent/ and /seg.jUCMNav/help.xml


-- Daniel Amyot - 27 Apr 2008

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