Model manipulation/query utilities


  • We often have to do the same tasks in the model.
  • We have centralized some of the code in the seg.jUCMNav.model.util package.


  • Given a path node or component ref, give me a list of plausible component ref parents.
  • Given a component ref, give me a list of the contained elements that aren't already children.
  • We have implemented a few static methods to help with this task.
  • Usually, one uses getPossibleParents(UCMModelElement) to find the list of parents (used in properties) and getPossibleParent(UCMModelElement) to find the smallest container (used when dragging pathnodes).
  • One must not forget to use the ParentFinder when inserting new model elements in a use case map during model commands.
  • findParent() is invoked with x/y coordinates to find parents.
  • findNewChildren() is used by for binding enclosed elements.


  • SafePathChecker verifies if the fusion of a pathnode with a node connection or another pathnode will cause an illegal loop.
  • See the implementation for details.
  • Here are a few algorithm facts:
    • You can always merge elements that are on different paths. (A path being defined by ReachableNodeFinder)
    • Fusion must leave at least one start and one end point.
    • Elements must not be on the same path segment as defined by DeletionPathFinder


  • Cleans files onload to make sure they have unique IDs and unique component/responsibility names.
  • Informs if a given name/id is already in use.
  • Sets the name/id of new model elements (See Dev Doc Model Creation Factory)


  • Given an ID, returns the model element.
  • Has a general find method for when you don't know the type, but other methods to improve performance and decrease required casting when you do.

Query Infrastructure


-- Jason Kealey - 11 Jul 2005

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