Import/Export Extension Points


  • A common extension to jUCMNav is to add the capability of creating a new file from an existing use case map (export) or to create a new one from an existing file (import).
  • This guide covers the extension points related to jUCMNav's import/export wizards

Extension Points


  • Given one UCM, create a file.
    • Either receive a or a org.eclipse.draw2d.IFigure (for image formats).
  • Example: Export the JPEG representation of one map to a file.
  • You will need to implement the IUseCaseMapExport interface.


  • Given one URN (containing multiple UCMs), create a file.
  • Example: Export the DXL script required to load all the maps in Telelogic DOORS.
  • You will need to implement the IURNExport interface.


  • Create a URN instance from an existing file.
  • Example: Create a URN instance from UCEd use cases.
  • You will need to implement the IURNImport interface.


  • In your plugin.xml, create an extension to one of the above extension points.
  • Basically, the information you provide in your plugin.xml will define which of the interface's methods is invoked.
    • All others can remain unimplemented.

Field Description
id a unique ID for your extension
name a string representing your extension in jUCMNav
class the class which implements the aforementioned interface
extension the filename extension used for import/export
useStream should we invoke the method using a File Input Stream?/FileOutputStream (true) or do you want us to provide only the filename (false)
mode (only for IUse Case Map Export?) image: provide a IFigure, model instance: provide a UCMmap

  • When your plugin.xml is filled, simply implement the appropriate method and test.


  • To test if your plugin is correctly used, simply start up the appropriate import or export wizard and check to see that your name field appears in the dropdown list of import/export alternatives.

-- Jason Kealey - 15 Jan 2006

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