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Deletion Algorithms


  • Our delete uses custom algorithms to achieve its goals.


  • Command to delete a path, starting with a StartPoint or EndPoint.
  • General algorithm:
    • Given a StartPoint, traverse path in the proper direction until you find a path node with something else than 1 in / 1 out.
    • This new PathNode is either an EndPoint or a PathNode with multiple connections.
    • If its not an EndPoint, disconnect your branch from it.
      • This may cause the other extremity to be deleted or transformed into an empty point.
    • You then have a path containing only simple nodes. Remove all of these nodes from the model one by one.
    • You end up with a small start->nc->end path that can be easily removed.
  • Algorithm can be done in inverse directionfor EndPoint.
  • What is fun about this algorithm is that it is possible to keep the UCM valid during the deletion.
  • Special consideration has to be given to removing Connects and InBindings/OutBindings.
  • You might end up with newly created paths if you have a NodeConnection that is hooked onto two PathNodes that were deleted.

-- Jason Kealey - 14 Jul 2005

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