Just wanted to try this form with something simple... .ucm are really for UCMNav. Not to confuse things, I propose .jucm for jUCMNav files. When the URN XML schema becomes available, this XML representation could have the .urn extension.

-- Daniel Amyot - 17 Mar 2005

Will have to drop stubs if you want this done on time. smile Approximate bloated time to fix, test and make sure everything works with deployment for this change request: 1h. Accepted. Note that this is not for Req File Association but is for the extension specified in plugin.xml -- Jason Kealey - 18 Mar 2005

i've implemented the code. i won't remove the ucm extension yet. I'll leave both active

Stubs can wait smile

-- Daniel Amyot - 20 May 2005

Form For Change Req edit

Change Req? Name Change Req Extension
Description Change the default jUCMNav file extension from .ucm to .jucm
Priority Low
Status Implemented
Author Daniel Amyot
Verification Approach
Test Cases
Topic revision: r5 - 31 May 2005 - 08:18:00 - Etienne Tremblay
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