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jUCMNav Beta2


Get the beta 2 release here (zip).
Includes source code.
Changelog since beta1.


Operating Systems

  • Windows XP (tested)
  • Linux (tested)
  • Any other O/S on which you can run Eclipse (currently untested - please report your success!)



Release Notes


From binaries:
Download and install all prerequisites, then extract the file into the directory containing your eclipse/ directory. We certainly plan to make installation easier by the time jUCMNav is out of beta.

Building the source:

  • Go to the installation directory (ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins/seg.jucmnav_1.0.0/) and extract the source zip file.
  • Open a shell into the extracted source directory
  • Issue the command 'ant'
  • Output is in the ./build/ directory

Online Help

An early help document is available here: Help On Line

Beta Testing

  • We will not be providing you with specific use case maps to reproduce during our testing phase. You’ll have to have a bit of creativity smile
  • If you experience an error during saving, try to mitigate the situation by undoing a few operations and then saving again. You’ll help us discover what actions broke the build.
  • Eclipse provides an Error Log view that stores all errors that have occurred. When describing bugs, please include any error messages that have been logged. To activate this view, use the menus: Window, Show View, Other, PDE Runtime, Error Log.

The application’s weak spots:

Feel free to test everything but here is a list of the features we believe will contain the most bugs:
  • Loops are new in Beta Two. Try to create illegal UCM loops by any means you can find; try to delete branches/elements and make the application crash or have hidden paths.
  • Timer/wait/connects: These features were added right before the release of Beta One and have not been tested extensively.
  • Actions performed on newly added maps. When working in new maps (using the contextual menu on the URNspec in the outline), we have experienced some bugs. Look out for elements external to the editor not being in synch with the contents.
  • Deletions in general will cause the most problems:
    • Deletion of elements related to plugin bindings: start point, end point, node connections. Directly or indirectly.
    • Deletion of elements that have many types of association
      • Deletion of paths are a good tests (delete the start/end): especially true for the previously mentioned timer/wait/connects.
      • Deletion of elements with conditions, labels, component bindings, multiple in/outs.
    • Note that one must not only watch out for explicit deletions for these bugs to occur but also other actions that make elements disappear such as mergers, joins, forks. Asynchronous connections will probably have many bugs concerning indirect ways of removing empty points.
    • A good test is to create a complex map, hit ctrl-a and delete everything (you might have to repeat this action a few times to remove all path segments). If you can’t undo your operation, something went wrong.
  • Quick repetition of undo/redo commands has been known to sometimes cause errors.
  • Auto-layout is just a prototype but any feedback is welcomed.

Reporting Bugs / Usability Requests

  • Send your bug reports to
  • Include reproduction steps, sample .jucm files and, if applicable, copy-paste the error log messages.
  • If you're zealous enough, we'll create a BugZilla account for you smile

-- Jean Philippe Daigle? - 27 Jun 2005

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