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Download the latest releases for AoUrnToRam and TouchRam

Installation Instructions for AoURNtoRAM tool

  • Download the Eclipse Modeling Tools
    Note: Use the 64-bit version if your CPU/OS supports it.
    Latest tested version: 3.7 Indigo
  • Install "jUCMNav: URN Editor (UCM and GRL)" from the Eclipse update site
    Latest tested version: 5.4.0
  • Install "Kermeta IDE/Kermeta compiler" from the Eclipse update site
    Latest tested version: Kermeta compiler 1.4.0
  • For performance reasons, Kermeta requires more memory than standard eclipse applications.
    In order to increase the heap size, set -Xmx3000M in $EclipseDir$\eclipse.ini.
    On 32bits CPU/OS, the maximum value is -Xmx1200M. Note: if you cannot save $EclipseDir$\eclipse.ini because it is located under "Program Files", just copy $EclipseDir$\eclipse.ini to your desktop, update it, and overwrite $EclipseDir$\eclipse.ini with the updated version.
  • Install AoUrnToRam Release
    • Close Eclipse
    • Unzip (see top of the page) to eclipse/dropins
      The eclipse/dropins folder should look as follows:
      • eclipse/dropins/seg.jUCMNav.aoUrnToRamPlugin_1.0.x.jar
      • eclipse/dropins/aoUrnToRam/
    • Start Eclipse
  • You are ready to export from AoURN to RAM!
    • Create a new Use Case Map
    • Right click export on the Use Case Map diagram
    • Export whole URN file
    • Ram Reactive Workflows
    • Finish
      Note: The first export from AoURN to RAM takes an extra 30 secs. Please be patient.

Installation Instructions for TouchRam

  • Extract the (see top of the page) to a directory of your choice
  • In a Windows environment, start the TouchRam tool by double clicking on ramtool.bat
  • In a Mac environment, start the TouchRam tool by double clicking on ramtool.jar
  • Note: Just like the AoURNtoRAM tool, TouchRam requires Java to be installed.
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