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My Publich Health Record (myPHR)

The purpose of this research program is to prototype and analyze information systems support for centralized, systematic sharing of a minimum data set public health record across the entire health care system to ensure that

  • all registered healthcare providers in the health care system have immediate access to the minimum data set they need when providing health care to a patient to ensure qualilty of care and safety
  • all registered healthcare providers immediately register the minimum data set needed to inform the health care system when they provide healthcare to a patient
  • all registered patients in the health care system have immediate access to their complete publich health record
  • all registered patients in the healthcare system can register data to inform the health care system of anything releveant to their healthcare
  • the health care system can monitor and measure performance across patients and health care providers to ensure the quality of care and safety of the health care sytstem
  • the health care system can monitor security and ensure the privacy and confidentiality of patient data as well as prevent fraud and other misuses of the system
  • the health care system can monitor and research improvements to the system including: quality of care outcomes, cost reduction, patient satisfaction, provider satisfaction etc.
  • the health care system can monitor and provide appropriate alerts, notifications, and reports to both providers and patients in the healthcare system

There is a governmental authority who has the legal and moral responsibility for ensuring that a health care system exists and is functioning properly. For an initial entry into a discussion of this responsibility, please see In today's online big data world, that government health autority will be responsible for providing a myPHR information system to ensure adequate sharing of data within the healthcare system. For example, in Canada, that would be the provincial governments, whereas in Norway that is the national goverment.

There is sufficient information technology sophisitication in the health care system that all providers and patients have at a minimum, browser-based Internet access through smartphones or PCs to interact with a cloud-based myPHR. It is expected, though that many providers and patients will have their own health management information systems which could be mandated to interact with mPHR through a machine interface (e.g. RESTful webservice).

Different healthcare systems with different types of governmental authority will define "minimal data set", "health care", "providers" and "patients" differently, but all will need to provide a similar type of myPHR information system.


The governmental authority, through its implementation of myPHR will impose standardization of data types, and data values, and through its regulatory power will ensure compliance of all providers and patients, and will provide an open mechanism for registration (and validation) of providers and patients.

myPHR is only effective to the extent it is adopted across all providers and all patients within the healthcare system. The concept of minimal data set is critical for adoption to ensure a minimum of regulatory overhead and minimize the effort needed by providers and patients to comply. Contact information will be the most critical data in the system in order to enable direct follow up with providers and patients for supplementary data and interaction not provided by myPHR.

-- Liam Peyton - 19 May 2016

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